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Our Story

'Yogi's Ark's mission is to provide not only a sanctuary for rescued animals, but also to be a year-round destination for visitors, as well as hosting yoga and meditation retreats, and including an educational center on healthy and compassionate life-style choices, gardening and sustainable living.'

The word yoga derived from the Sanskrit yuj means to yoke or unite. This union is most often understood as a merging of the individual self with that which is beyond measure, the cosmic eternal Self. Yoga is a state of  Self-realization. A yogi consciously engages in certain practices including social ethics (most importantly ahimsa or non-violence towards others), personal ethics, and other various techniques including asanas or yogic postures, pranayama or controlling of the life force through breathing practices, kriyas or cleansing practices to rid the body and mind of dis-ease (with in particular a sattvic or enlightened diet), service, devotion, kindness, and meditation as a path towards enlightenment.

Yogis want to evolve and are particularly drawn towards nature and other creatures, realizing their vital role as protectors and nurturers in the community of life. Yogi's Ark Animal Sanctuary is a project born solely out of love and compassion for all earthlings, with as its primary mission to provide a place of refuge for animals in high-kill shelters and used in laboratory research (known as vivisection), as well as animals that have been abused, abandoned, neglected, wounded, ill-treated, and made homeless.

Please remember to spay and neuter and your pets.

Valerie Grange, Yogi's Ark

Valerie Grange, Yogi's Ark

Valerie Grange, President of Yogi's Ark Animal Sanctuary is also the co-founder of The Buddha B Yoga Center in Washington, DC. A community where east meets west, it was created as a refuge for busy city dwellers seeking out the teachings and many physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual benefits of a regular yoga and meditation practice. Buddha B is not only a 'Proud to be Vegan' yoga community, but also a hatha yoga school (in the Ashtanga & Vinyasa traditions) and affiliated Jivamukti TM Yoga Center hosting a variety of guest speakers and teachers emphasizing the importance of a compassionate lifestyle (for people, animals and Mother Earth). Shanti-Peace.